Each year we choose a theme to explore and to celebrate at our gatherings.  The theme helps us to deepen our immersion in the ongoing story of the universe.  We begin each year of gatherings in September with “the Cosmic Walk,” a ritual telling of the story of the evolution of the Universe.  See the invitation and details for this year's Friendship Sunday; we'd love to have you join us.


Our 2018-19 theme continues to be: "Tending the fire of love in a dangerous time”.  To tend the fire of love in a dangerous time — to walk the dark corridors of “what is” — we take poet Mary Oliver’s guidance when she calls for a “deepening and quieting of the spirit among the flux of happenings”.


By re-grounding ourselves in our sacred story, Thomas Berry’s Great Story, we affirm our relatedness in the Great Unfolding.  We re-ignite our imagination with the power of the story of our fiery beginning.  Relatedness and fire, the stuff of the universe:  the stuff of love.


David Suzuki’s book, The Sacred Balance, offers us a fine, eloquent web of science, imagination and passion to help us with our task of continuing our focus on the present, critical moment of Earth’s evolution.  This year we use this book again as the structure of our monthly community conversations.  Whereas last year we met in a 'discussion group' format, this year we approach it in a different, more embodied way.  One month we will watch one in the series of videos based on this book; the following month we explore our own response in various creative forms of expression.


We know from our experience that when we enter into our focused four-week spiritual practice cycle, we build on previous years of study and development. 2016-2017 brought us the remarkable wisdom of Dr. Cynthia Moe Lobeda, Resisting Structural Evil:  Love as Eco-Economic Vocation. Previous years have given us the poetic, vast cosmology of Brian Swimme in The Universe is a Green Dragon.


The Sundays of the Month


Here is the monthly rhythm of our Sundays at Ruah.

In Brief:

1st Sunday -- Meditation Sunday; 10:30am


2nd Sunday -- Alternately view a video of the book, or explore our own response through a creative endeavour; 2-4pm

3rd Sunday -- Community Celebraton; 10:30am

1st Sunday—Meditation Sunday--Stilling  [10:30am]


Watching our minds chase thoughts and feelings, we hold to stillness, approach greater depth of being, and in so doing we may begin to discern the prompting of the evolving universe.   From this perspective, our Stillness Sunday is the heart of our practice as a community. 


Our silence feeds our reading, thinking, reflecting and celebrating.In radical presence, we are centred in the great cosmic mystery, we line ourselves up with it, and thereby assume a stance outside the part of ourselves that exists as the servant of our consumerdriven culture: this is the power of presence.


2nd Sunday—Viewing and responding creatively  [2-4pm, at an alternate location; contact for details]

On the second Sunday, we engage in community-based explorations of David Suzuki's 'The Sacred Balance.'  This year (2018/2019) our conversations are based on viewing a video version of the book, then responding creatively through various mediums. 

Our experience activates our thinking, reasoning and feeling; and challenges us to understand and articulate who we are becoming within the evolving universe. Our aim is to grow together in understanding our planetary role.


3rd Sunday—Celebrating  [10:30am]


On this Sunday we enter into ways of integrating and celebrating what we are coming to understand about the Story of the Universe.  Through prayer, song and dance, and shared reflection we seek wisdom and transformation as individuals and as community.


4th (and 5th) Sunday—Engaging


Fourth and fifth Sundays are times when community participants are in the world in their “regular” lives and have the opportunity to put into practice any fresh understanding that the previous three weeks have engendered.


On these Sundays there are no formal Ruah gatherings.

Join us!

We welcome guests at any of our gatherings.  Please see our address & map of how to find us on our Contact Us page.

Our current year's schedule.

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