We are a consensus-based and volunteer run organization.  We work together, sharing our experiences and insights, to create rituals that express and deepen our spirituality.  We have a monthly in-depth discussion of a topic related to the spiritual theme we have chosen for the year, and share an annual week-end retreat to further our community relationships and deepen our spiritual life.

Gatherings are held three Sundays a month from September to June (see the Gatherings page for dates and locations).  Community members share the responsibility for planning the gatherings.

Ruah In the World​

In a recent period of discernment it became clear to the Ruah community that we have a particular desire at this time in our evolution to bring aspects of the richness of our community practice into connection with other communities.

Ruah In the World refers to the aspect of our practice in which we participate in a variety of activities which enhance our engagement in the world.

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