Our Mission

The community of Ruah is:

• an inclusive spiritual community, rooted in eco-spirituality, informed by and evolving from our lived experience and the wisdom traditions that inform our imaginations.

• committed to nurturing our personal and communal spiritual growth in the context of contemporary spiritual writers such as Thomas Berry, Matthew Fox, Brian Swimme, Joanna Macy, John Seed, Starhawk, and others who are working to develop different ways to understand and act for an Earth in danger.

• seeking to celebrate our amazing home on this Earth and in this universe, and to deepen our love and care for Earth and all her creatures through story, ritual, reflection and action.

• co-creating a hospitable space in which to journey together as we seek to celebrate creation and live justice in openness to the spirit.
It is our desire that our community be a safe and healing place where we listen to Ruah, the breath of God, in silence and in dance, in song and in story, and in community, drawing on the wisdom of many traditions.

  • a visible and active presence of compassion and hope in the world.

Copyright 2018 by Ruah.