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Our Mission

Geologian Thomas Berry (1914 - 2009) said: "How will we reinvent the human and move into the only process that matters: our authentic maturation as a species?​​ Only by establishing ourselves within the unfolding cosmos as a whole can we begin to discover the meaning and significance of ordinary things."


If all beings of Earth are brushed with the sacred, we ask, how can we accept exploitation? Justice is our call, not only for human societies, but for all beings and for Earth herself. So Ruah’s Creation/Earth-centred spirituality includes a spirituality of liberation that challenges us into right relationship with all creatures and with matter itself.


​Through meditation, study, story, reflection, and ceremony, we…

  • celebrate the beauty, Divine mystery and power of the cosmos and Earth,

  • build intimacy with Earth and all her beings, and

  • probe difficult and painful aspects of life on Earth including planetary degradation, violence, loss, and human cruelty.

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