Sunday Gatherings of the Ruah community focus on a particular annual theme that is the focus of the community’s celebration, reflection and learning throughout any given year.  This year (2012-13) our theme borrows its focus from the title of Joanna Macy and Chis Johnstone’s most recent book Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy.



1st Sunday—Meditation Sunday--Stilling  [10:30am]


Watching our minds chase thoughts and feelings, we hold to stillness, approach greater depth of being, and in so doing we may begin to discern the prompting of the evolving universe.   From this perspective, our Stillness Sunday is the heart of our practice as a community. 


Our silence feeds our reading, thinking, reflecting and celebrating.In radical presence, we are centred in the great cosmic mystery, we line ourselves up with it, and thereby assume a stance outside the part of ourselves that exists as the servant of our consumerdriven culture: this is the power of presence.


2nd Sunday—Reading and Reflecting  [7:00pm, at the home of a community member; contact for details]


On the second Sunday, we engage in in-depth reading and reflection.  This year (2017/2018) our conversations are based on a selection from David Suzuki's 'The Sacred Balance.'

Our discussion activates our thinking, reasoning and feeling; and challenges us to understand and articulate who we are becoming within the evolving universe. Our aim is to grow together in understanding our planetary role.


3rd Sunday—Celebrating  [10:30am]


On this Sunday we enter into ways of integrating and celebrating what we are coming to understand about the Story of the Universe.  Through prayer, song and dance, and shared reflection we seek wisdom and transformation as individuals and as community.


4th (and 5th) Sunday—Engaging


Fourth and fifth Sundays are times when community participants are in the world in their “regular” lives and have the opportunity to put into practice any fresh understanding that the previous three weeks have engendered.


On these Sundays there are no formal Ruah gatherings.


Our current year's schedule.

In Brief:

1st Sunday -- Simple Sunday gathering at Ralph Thornton Centre; 10:30am

2nd Sunday -- Book Study in the home of a member; 7:00pm

3rd Sunday -- Community Celebraton at Ralph Thornton Centre; 10:30am

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