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More about Ruah's spirituality...

The Ruah community has nurtured personal and communal spiritual growth since 1996.  For a brief history of the community, please click here.


Ruah participants seek greater understanding of the natural world through the works of the following people, as well as other human and non-human beings. (Bob, please use your list and links here but doublecheck the descriptors… there are some changes)

  • philosopher and ecologist David Abram,

  • cultural and Earth historian, “geologian” Thomas Berry,

  • theologian and scientist Ilia Delio,

  • theologian Matthew Fox,

  • author and professor of environmental biology and Traditional Ecological Knowledge Robin Wall Kimmerer,

  • social activist and author Joanna Macy,

  • composer and musical activist Carolyn McDade,

  • theologian and ethicist Cynthia Moe Lobeda,

  • philosopher and naturalist Kathleen Dean Moore,

  • poet Mary Oliver,

  • author, activist and pagan Starhawk,

  • scientist and broadcaster David Suzuki,

  • cosmologist Brian Swimme,

  • paleontologist and theologian Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,

  • Buddhist teachers Thich Nhat Hanh and Pema Chodron,

  • Ojibway writer and performer Richard Wagamese,

  • thousand-year-old European creation spirituality mystics, Meister Eckhart and Hildegaard of Bingen,

  • Sufi poets Rumi and Hafiz.


Each one offers a way of thinking that helps to heal the human relationship with the rest of Creation in crisis.

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